Are you a “SERENADER”?   

Are you passionate about CHORAL SINGING and CLASSICAL MUSIC? Are you a dedicated AMATEUR CHORAL SINGER? Are you a SCHOOL MUSIC TEACHER, CHURCH or CHORAL MUSICIANDo you enjoy making music with others who strive for CHORAL EXCELLENCE? Do you ENJOY CONNECTING with other POSITIVE, LIKE-MINDED, CULTURED people? Do you enjoy traveling to “OFF-THE-BEATEN-PATH” and LESS TOURISTY areas? Do you enjoy EUROPE or have always dreamed of going to Europe? Does PERFORMING in Europe excite you? Do you enjoy exquisite FOOD & FINE WINES?

 …then you are a “SERENADER”!!

“Dear Paulo: Congratulations to you on a smashing success this summer in Soria, Spain. We, like most in the group, previously sang with Umbrian Serenades in Spoleto. We love Italy and had a wonderful Umbrian Serenades experience, so we were surprised that Soria vastly exceeded our expectations. In fact, we now prefer Soria to Spoleto as a singing venue. A great Umbrian Serenades experience requires at least 5 things: great musicianship and camaraderie from all participants; a great choral conductor; great indigenous food and wine; great regional cultural history; and great weather. This year you hit all 5 criteria with a “perfect 10” score. To top it off, our audiences were so much larger and more enthusiastic that it added a special reward to each concert. We look forward to joining you next year for an “encore” experience.”

GIGI & PETER, Alto & Baritone,  summers ’15 and ’17, Philadelphia, USA

I was a first time “Serenader,” who anticipates many years of repeated happiness. This was a wonderful experience, pleasure built upon pleasure. We sang, we greeted one another each day. Each day extended into an evening of shared food, well chosen wine, conversation, merriment. We stumbled through new languages, we learned new cuisines, we learned new notes, we harmonized.

     In Soria, Spain, we felt like cultural ambassadors, bringing music as a gift, and being welcomed in return. In a harsh world, song united us, bringing those rare moments without discord between cultures, bringing new personal friendships, leaving us with the hope of reunion.
     Paulo, Charlie, David, Anna…with great foresight and effort, you made things effortless for us. Well done. Bravo.”

CAROL, Soprano, summer ’17, Philadelphia , PA

“I have been to Umbrian Serenades since its first summer in 2006 in Italy and every summer since through 2016 in Italy, and in 2017 in Spain. I have experienced some of the happiest moments of my life on these trips. Every year has been magical. Everyone who has gone wants to come back and many have.  Extraordinary choral performing experience, extraordinary musicians to work with, extraordinary food, wine, culture, & art! You must go! Everyone has had a great time! I plan to return in 2018!”

BILL, Tenor, summers ’06 through ’17, Philadelphia , PA