One of the many joys during UMBRIAN SERENADES, our unique choral program in Umbria, is when we perform an informal concert at the “porch” entrance of the Duomo cathedral at Piazza Duomo, in the historic center of SPOLETO, UMBRIA, ITALY.  Passersby, friends, travel companions, and tourists gather for a late afternoon, fun concert given by all of the program’s singing participants!  It is the very first time we perform as a group for the public during our program, so, there is a lot of excitement!  The acoustics of the Duomo “portico” (porch) are ideal for a cappella choral singing, so, we offer this unique performing opportunity for our choral singers!  Here is a video of the 2012 “Serenaders” performing “RIDE THE CHARIOT” under guest conductor, JOSEPH FLUMMERFELT, with soprano EDIE TAYLOR as our wonderful soloist.  ENJOY!


FARRO” is one of the oldest grains, an ancient form of wheat (also called emmer), and cooks like pearl barley or rice, with no soaking. It has a wonderful nutty flavor and is quite nutritious. Every summer, “SERENADERS” get to enjoy this fabulous grain in various forms during our program in UMBRIA, Italy. Here is a wonderful recipe by one of our favorite Italian-American chefs, Lidia Bastianich. Enjoy!! http://www.lidiasitaly.com/recipes/detail/985


Our friend, CATERINA, at the reception desk of our amazing 4 star hotel, HOTEL dei DUCHI, in SPOLETO – our home for 12 nights during our program. HOTEL dei DUCHI’s professionalism is incomparable, yet program participants get to connect with all friendly staff members – a true cross cultural experience. We LOVE our hotel, be it the view of the rolling Umbrian hills, their terrace, the beautiful garden, spacious rooms, exquisite breakfast buffet, or when we dine al fresco! Visit their website: http://www.hoteldeiduchi.com/en