UMBRIAN SERENADES is a unique CHORAL and CULTURAL SUMMER PROGRAM that brings together passionate CHORAL, CHORUS, or CHAMBER ENSEMBLE SINGERS, amateurs and professionals alike, who seek unique opportunities to perform CHORAL MUSIC in exquisite venues in the off-the-beaten-path, mystic, and lush region of UMBRIA, ITALY.

These CHORISTERS, from all over the US and abroad, gather in ITALY to devote 12 days to working with leading conductors in the choral field, REHEARSE and PERFORM repertoire spanning from the Renaissance to Spirituals to contemporary, and “SERENADE” the people of the exquisite, “off-the-beaten-path” region of UMBRIA.

In this setting of the ancient and landlocked region of UMBRIA, marked by her uncommon verdant beauty, spirituality and culinary vibrancy, “SERENADERS” experience a life altering transformation.  JOIN US FOR SUMMER 2017 and APPLY TODAY!

NEW FOR 2017: We are adding a non-choral 10-Day/9 Night tour of Umbria June 17-26!