UMBRIAN SERENADES is a unique CHORAL and CULTURAL SUMMER PROGRAM that brings together passionate CHORAL, CHORUS, or CHAMBER ENSEMBLE SINGERS, amateurs and professionals alike, who seek unique opportunities to perform A CAPPELLA CHORAL MUSIC in exquisite venues in the off-the-beaten-path, mystic, and lush region of UMBRIA, ITALY.

These CHORISTERS and program participants, who come from various locations of the US and abroad, gather in ITALY to devote 12 days to working with leading conductors in the choral field, REHEARSE and PERFORM repertoire spanning from the Renaissance to Spirituals to contemporary, and therefore “SERENADE” the people of UMBRIA.

It is in the unique setting of ancient and landlocked region of UMBRIA, marked by an uncommon blend of natural verdant beauty, spirituality and culinary vibrancy, that “SERENADERS” experience a life altering transformation, fully immersed in all that the region has to offer, connecting with local Umbrians.  As a result, alumni of the program have transitioned careers, enjoyed incredible personal life shifts and breakthroughs, and even begun and reignited professional music careers.



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What Past Participants are Saying About Us!

“Two weeks in Italy. A transformative life experience singing with Umbrian Serenades. I laughed more than I had in many years. I cried more too – sometimes moved so deeply by the art we created, sometimes out of joy, and sometimes out of recognition that I need choral music in my life. Song is not optional. Thrilled to sing with such incredible musicians and such incredibly wonderful people. You’d think I’d have taken more photos having brought two cameras with me to Italy. But I was so busy embracing the experience, I kept forgetting the camera.”

Alan, Baritone, Danbury, CT

“One of the most enriching and satisfying musical experiences of my life! An incredible privilege to spend 2 thrilling weeks with such a wonderful group of singers, performing beautiful repertoire in glorious venues around lovely Umbria!”

RUSSELL, Baritone, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Chorus, Corporate Communications Airline Industry

“I’ve been singing in very good choirs for 30 years but the quality of this choir and my choral experience with Umbrian Serenades was unsurpassed. An unbelievably enriching experience!”

MARY, Soprano, Bucks County Choral Society, Trinity Senior Choir, Chemistry Teacher

“I have been to Italy with Umbrian Serenades since its first summer in 2006, and have experienced some of the happiest moments of my life. Extraordinary choral performing experience, extraordinary musicians to work with, extraordinary food, wine, culture, & art! You must go!”

BILL, Tenor, Philadelphia Singers Chorale Volunteer, Emergency & Travel Medicine Physician

“As a first time participant in the program, this was the trip of a lifetime. The food, the music, the Umbrian countryside, and the wonderful new singing friends I met exceeded all of my expectations. Umbria is a special place that I want to come back to.”

VANESSA, Soprano, Nashville, TN

“The experience is idyllic: beautiful Umbria, experiencing Italian culture in a picturesque, Medieval town, eating the most delicious cuisine, and all the while enjoying singing great choral repertoire with others who love choral music. The highlights for me were with the Maestro Flummerfelt again, having sung with him at Westminster Choir College, and making new friendships that will last a lifetime. The joy of being a part of Umbrian Serenades remains with you forever!”

DEEDY, Soprano, Voice Teacher and Choral Conductor, Anderson, SC